SQS Catering+

Personaliced services for Your Dream Wedding

We make it easy for you

Your big day

The top-tier professionals on our Preferred Vendor List, from photographers and florists to day-of wedding planners, will simplify your wedding day and ensure your visions are executed the right way!

We know the work that goes into planning a wedding, no matter the size, and we take pride in offering the best in the business to meet your needs. Let us take some of the planning off of your plate and help with the design, food, drinks and service. 

Personaliced services for Your Dream Wedding

Big Weddings

Big weddings take lots of planning and making sure every aspect runs smoothly. That’s where we come in. .

Outdoor Weddings

You can’t control the weather, but with the help of SQS Catering+, you will be able to ensure you and your guests form long-lasting memories.

Small Weddings

Whatever your budget may be, you will receive customized services that will fit your needs and surpass your expectations.

"Fantastic Service! I highly recommend SQS Catering+"
- Shamika Smith​
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